Skid Row Adventure: 25th Anniversary Edition
By Dale Dobson,

This is a work of Interactive Fiction, also known as an old-fashioned computer text adventure. Click in the window to establish keyboard control, then type commands to your "self" within the game to explore the world of the story. You might EXAMINE THE WINE, GO SOUTH (or just S), TAKE INVENTORY, or try other short command sentences. Type HINT to get some general tips and subtle hints on the puzzles and situations you'll encounter in the game. When the screen reads [MORE], hit the spacebar to scroll the remaining text.

Please be patient while the Java interpreter loads and initializes. Unfortunately, this web interface does not allow for saving. You can find stand-alone story interpreter software for many computers at this excellent website, and download the story file to your own PC right here.

(Please note that SAVE and RESTORE may not available due to applet security restrictions. Leaving this page may or may not restart the game depending on the behavior of your browser.)