Concert Tour Combos More-or-Less Requiring Purchase of the Souvenir T-Shirt
By Dale Dobson,

Rammstein and Phranc - The Phranc'n'Stein Tour

PUSA and The Dead Kennedys - Dead President Kennedy's Tour of the United States of America

U-2, R.E.M., The The, Danzig and Queen - The U.R. The Danzig Queen Tour

Jane's Addiction, Guttermouth, and the Sex Pistols - The Jane's Oral Sex Addiction Tour

Eurythmics, Public Enemy and Asia - The Public Eur'n'Asian Tour

Ricky Martin and Chumbawumba - The ChumbaLaBamba Tour

The late Ray Charles and Marilyn Manson - The wait for it... Tour

Ok Go!, Aimee Mann, and Ash Can Van Gogh - The Gogh, Mann, Go! Tour

Duran Duran, Carole King, and Flock of Seagulls - The Duran So Far Away Tour

Michael Jackson and Boyz II Men - The Public Relations Disaster Tour

Britney Spears and Shaka Khan - The Shaka-Spear Tour of Britney

Little Richard, Green Day and Men Without Hats - The Little Green Men Without Dicks Tour

The White Stripes, Macy Gray and the Black Crowes - The Monochrome Tour

The Donnas, Patty Smyth, Lou Reed, and the Duke Ellington Orchestra - The Donna Reed - Patty Duke Show

Barbra Streisand, the Butthole Surfers, the Uppity Blues Women, and The Fugs - The Fug Barbra Streisand Blue Uppity Butthole Tour

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